TRIS BIKE is an innovative tilting trike for adults that combines all the best features of traditional rigid tricycles with those of single front wheel bikes, overcoming their respective criticalities. Indeed, It is well known that rigid tricycles, despite their high stability, have the limitation of poor rideability and the possibility of tipping over if corners are taken at high speed. On the other hand, it is also well known that the greatest number of fallings with a traditional bicycle occur due to the loss of grip of the front wheel. TRIS BIKE, thanks to its innovative system of inclination of the two front wheels, combines safety and stability, typical of tricycles, with the dynamics and rideability, typical of traditional bikes. In synthesis, TRIS BIKE is a tilting trike for adults that tilts on curves like a traditional bike, ensuring identical ridability of a bike and avoiding tipping over on curves. To increase the riding comfort TRIS BIKE is also equipped with the EASY STOP function that allows to lock the inclination system in order to stop and restart without putting your feet on the ground (remember: the EASY STOP function should never be activated while riding!). Finally, the EASY PARK function allows you to lock the tilting system of the two front wheels to park the TRIS without the need for a kickstand. This allows you to load your groceries easily and comfortably without worrying that TRIS might fall over.

With a width of only 65 cm, TRIS can easily move through city traffic and pass through bottlenecks and standard-sized doors. Our bikes with three tilting wheels are designed, built and assembled in Italy. In particular, frame, forks, front wheel tilting system and paintwork are completely made in Italy. The other components are of high quality and are produced by famous European companies such as SAPIM, SCHWALBE, STURMEY ARCHER, SPANNINGA, KMC, RIXEN e KAUL KLICK FIX, SELLE ROYAL, ERGOTEC, ZEHUS.

TRIS BIKE has three models to meet diverse transport and mobility needs in urban areas: LIGHT, FIX and SPLIT. LIGHT and FIX models can also be equipped with a cargo platform and a cargo box with a maximum load of 50 litres and 30 kg. If necessary, the front platform and cargo box can be easily assembled and disassembled in about 2 minutes. Finally, the TRIS SPLIT model is a folding electric trike, which is very useful if you have limited space at home.


TRIS BIKE has 3 models of tilting trikes for adults: FIX, SPLIT and LIGHT.

  1. TRIS FIX is a fully equipped e-bike. It is a youthful and dynamic tricycle for adults, which can be equipped with a basket of 18lt, a cargo platform or a 50 lt-front cargo box. The cargo box turns FIX model into a mini cargo bike with which you can carry your shopping or a small dog.
  2. TRIS SPLIT is a fully equipped e-bike that can be split into two parts in seconds and compacted into a small volume, from L:150 x B:60 x H:113 to L:80 x B:70 x H:113. This model is very useful for saving space if you live in a flat or do not have a garage. If you have a garage without a socket, you can bring only the rear part of TRIS into the house to recharge the motor battery. The dimensions of the SPLIT model are specially designed to be able to transport TRIS inside a lift.
  3. TRIS LIGHT is a muscular bike and, thanks to its minimal equipment, is the lightest of the three models. It is available with SHIMANO 8- and 11-speed gears. This model can also be equipped with a 18 lt-basket, a front platform or a 50 lt-front cargo box.
tilting trike for adults
tilting trike for adults